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"Undeniable vocal talent."

Jon Bream


Respected Minneapolis singer/songwriter Brynn Andre has grown up from moody, confessional piano pop.

Like a prequel, her previous self-titled debut chronicled the twenty-something dance between liberation and loneliness. The Nashville-minted album Brynn Andre tackled the intense themes of unrequited love, dangerous desire, and reckless youth.


Like any good sequel, her upcoming album goes deeper, and chronicles a woman's next chapter, whispering the question:

What happens after the honeymoon?

The album, aptly titled Honeymoon finds Brynn married to the summer fling of her twenties. She sings even more daunting question like what is life after happiness and can unsung dreams come true?

Including songs like “Fertile Ground”, which was born out of a devastating yet formative fertility journey; In 2020 Brynn welcomed twin daughters.

Honeymoon, was produced by Minneapolis music legend Matt Patrick (Jeremy Messersmith, John Mark Nelson, Jeremy Ylvisaker) and offers a richer, crystalline pop sound that Brynn helped define.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and like a bystander to her own music-making Brynn faced the fear and focused on learning music production.


She produces her own demos and more importantly has agency back in her sound.

Brynn is back with profound lyrics and moving production wrapped in levity and anthemic emotion. Her Honeymoon era has begun. 

"Raw emotion."
- CBS Minnesota

"Andre's songs are all heart-on-my-sleeve, and her voice is tuned perfectly for dynamic keying. "
- "Natalie Gallagher for City Pages

"...plaintive, unadorned honesty.  I very much admire the fact that Brynn doesn’t hold back — you get the sense that you’re looking at her dirty laundry, a wish-I-hadn’t-seen-it personal side, but her open brokenness makes you want to hug her and confide in her that you, too, have skeletons in your closet."
--Ari Koinuma




Stage setup

Brynn performs solo with her Novation SLMKIII keyboard and a laptop.


Her live setup is simple, requiring only a PA, and a microphone with a boom microphone stand. 



Booking and PR

Brynn Andre

701 570 6446


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